Jacketed General Anxiety Disorder

The term «Anxiety disorder» has become a jacket term, covering many unique forms of abnormal anxiety, fears, phobias and nervous conditions. All of these conditions come on suddenly and prevent an individual from continuining daily routines. Of the several different types of anxiety disorder these are the most popular: – Claustrophobia – Social anxiety – Specific phobias – Obsessive-compulsive disorder – General anxiety disorder – Post-traumatic stress disorder – Agoraphobia – Panic disorder – Separation anxiety disorder Usually all of these disorders or conditions are chronix, and lifestyle restricting. Alot of times individuals will be born with their condition, but it is also known that they can begin suddenly after a triggering event. Stress is a known factor which will increase in their persistence. There are several drugs available on the market that treat these disorders. They are drugs like benzodiazepines and antidepressants. A good counselor or behavioural therapist is often able to treat the disorders through use of cognitive therapies. It is important to know that anxiety is a complicated combination of the feeling of fear and worry. It can occur as a primary brain disorder, but is often times associated with other medical problems. Anxiety is most of the time said to have a cognitive, an emotial, a somatic and a behavioral component. All of these components make up the whole, which is Anxiety. In it’s chronic state Social Anxiety Disorder can be disabling, and prevent individuals from completing daily tasks, although with the help of drugs and therapies many of these individuals can battle the disorder and continue on with their lives.

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