My Throat’s Too Big

When we are young, adenoids are a major part of the immune system. They are invariably found on the walls and roof at the back of the throat, just behind the uvula. Adenoids are responsible for trapping viruses that are inhaled, and producing antibodies to prevent them. The problem comes when they inflame and become to large. The problems related to enlarged adenoids are not common in adults, as they shrink over time as the function decreases, as we have already produced the antibodies necessary for many viruses.Enlarged Adenoidsare a problem, as they restrict breathing through the nose. They can also result in recurring ear infections, as they block the eustachian tube. Have you ever had your tonsils removed? Well then, chances are you also had your adenoids removed in a procedure known as «adenoidectomy». Generally done in the same sitting as a tonsillectomy, an adenoidectomy is the surgical removing of the adenoids. The surgery is done through the mouth, and under a general anaesthetic. This operation is also done if the patient has recurring infections, sleep apnea, or distorded speech. The after affects of this surgery are the same as after a tonsillectomy, Sore throat. Trouble speaking and swallowing, as well as minor swelling can also occur. Basically, after this operation, you get to lay in bed for a few days, suck on popsicles, and eat ice cream.

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