Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind for Those Afflicted with Xeroderma Pigmentosum

Xeroderma pigmentosum is a rare medical condition whereby individuals are unable to have direct contact with the sunlight and other sources of ultraviolet rays. Although it is classified as a rare disorder, it is one that is particularly burdensome and serious for those afflicted with xeroderma pigmentosum. The following paragraphs will provide some general tips for those afflicted with this condition to keep in mind. Avoid All Ultraviolet Light Whenever Possible As the symptoms individuals experience are due to direct contact with sunlight and other ultraviolet light sources, the most important guideline to follow is to avoid all contact with ultraviolet light. This is the best way to attempt to control symptoms from occurring due to the xeroderma pigmentosum. Maintain Copies of Diagnosis It is important that other individuals who need to know about the xeroderma pigmentosum have copies of the doctor’s diagnosis. This will help to ensure that all necessary measures are taken to keep the individual out of the sunlight. Obtain Handicapped Parking Decal Should it be necessary for the individual with xeroderma pigmentosum to travel in the car, it is extremely important that the individual and their family have a handicapped parking sticker for the vehicle. This will enable them to get the closest spot possible and avoid any prolonged sunlight exposure. Keep Necessary Receipts Receipts which come from the purchase of necessary items for the individual with xeroderma pigmentosum should be saved for tax reasons. Since these are necessary items for one’s survival, they may be able to be deducted when one files their tax returns. Find a Doctor Who Has Evening Hours or Makes House Calls Since this medical disorder is one of a special nature, one may be able to find a doctor who is willing to schedule late evening appointments or come to the house for medical visits. This will help to prevent the individual from getting into the direct sunlight to go in for an office visit. These are just some things which may help the individual with xeroderma pigmentosum to deal with their medical condition in the best way possible.


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