Hepatitis A is preventable

Hepatitis A is an enterovirus that is transmitted by a orofecal route. A root such as contaminated food is an easy way for Hep A to be transmitted. The virus causes an acute form of hepatitis and as a result does not contain a permanent stage. Once a person is infected their bodies immune system will make antibodies against the virus that confer immunity against future Hepatitus A infection. Currently a vaccine is available that can prevent infection from hepatitis A for life. Three out of four people with Hep A will show the symptoms. Below is a list of some of the most common symtoms:

Currently There is no specific treatment forHepatitis A. With that said rest is always recommended during the severe phases of the disease when the symptoms are most at large. Hepatitis A can easily be prevented by keeping good hygiene and sanitation. Like earlier mentioned a vaccination is also available. This vaccination is recommended in areas of the world where the likelyhood of hepatitis A is large. Here is a quick and no-nonsense list of ways to prevent Hepatitus A:

Only Drink water from approved sources Always use a dental dam or sheet of plastic wrap during rimming Always Cook shellfish thoroughly before eating Always Keep bathrooms clean and disinfected after every use Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before preparing or eating food, and after sexual activity.

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