Rubella of many names

Rubella has many names: Roseola, German measles, three-day measles to name a few. Rubella is often mild which means that in several cases initial attacks will go unnoticed. This initially is not a bad thing; Although it does make the virus very hard to properly diagnose. In most cases the Rubella virus will enter in the human body through the nose or throat. Rubella can last between one and five days. It has been proven through studies that children can cover from the virus more quickly than adults as their immune system is more active, or just more simpy in better shape. Common to most viruses that live in the respiratory tract, Rubella is passed from person to person by tiny droplets in the air. These are droplets that are breathed out during normal respiration. It is important to note that the Rubella virus can also be transferred from mother to developing baby in the bloodstream by way of the placenta. Generally the incubation period for Rubella is two to three weeks. That is how long it takes to establish itself. Above I said that another name for Rubella is the German measles. That’s funny because the name «German Measles» actually has nothing to do with the coutnry of Germany. Instead it comes from the latin, which means ’similar’; This is because rubella and measles share common symptoms.Symptoms of rubella include:– Swollen glands or lymph nodes – Joint pain and swelling – Inflammation of the eyes – Flaking (caused by dry skin – Nasal congestion – Pain in the testicles – Loss of appetite – Fever – Headache – Rash

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